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Southern 100 Isle of Man   600B Race 19th



I started off the year optimistically riding Alan Pattison's KTM Superduke as well as my own bikes. 

I thought I'd got to grips with the KTM at Cadwell.  Perhaps too well as on cold tyres I threw it into the Gooseneck and carried on going!  Whilst I was relatively unhurt the bike was a bit sick and that was the end of that.  Huddy fixed it for me but we didn't have a tilt sensor in the spares box and so whilst it would start it wouldn't run.  A weekend sat watching the racing as opposed to participating gave me the time to realise that the KTM wasn't the bike for me to race. 

The Southern 100 is a circuit I love and always hope to go well there.  The weather mucked us about this year again but I qualified the R1 which I was very pleased about.  The Pros were up the front and I was at the back but hey I'd qualified which I hadn't last year.  The 600 was no problem at all except having a to do with a rider failing to navigate a corner and nearly putting me on the floor.  This curtailed my qualifying to 2 laps.

Kells is a circuit I'll definitely return to.  It's not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it, I just wished Id had more time there.  The Club looked after me and I hope to take all three bikes next year if possible.

The Manx Grand Prix brought an unexpected replica on a bike (SV) I hadn't ridden prior to setting off down Bray Hill.  Yet again the weather played havoc with practice and I think I managed to get 4 laps in on it.  Not a lot considering racers at the TT on average get in 40!  My best time at the end of practice was 94 mph average so I was happy that I got up to 101mph in the race.  The steering damper bracket broke on the 600 in the Junior race and the Senior race was an uncomfortable experience.  The rain showers meant each lap was different and I rode cautiously to bring it home. Out of the 22 days we were in the Isle of Man it rained for 19 and what with not being very well whilst I was there, I was happy to come home this year.

I took the SV to Oliver's Mount and did some more setup work on it and it's a different bike now, so I know there is a lot more to come for next year.  In hindsight I wish I'd been able to ride it before going to the Isle of Man but it just didn't work out.  We simply ran out of time.

This was the second year we'd been to the Frohburg road circuit in East Germany.  The weather was glorious and we had a great weekend.  I improved my times by four seconds a lap and finally went quicker on the R1 than on the R6 at the same circuit. Ralf Waldmann was flying on an immaculate MZ. 

Finishing the four hour endurance with friends Richard and Darran on Richard's bike was good fun.

The Rockingham test reconfirmed that I'm a road racer not a circuit racer and just simply need to accept it!  Accordingly, I doubt if I will do any circuit races next year.

An enjoyable year dampened only by the weather.  My only wish I'd been able to do more,

3 October Jurby 4 Hour Endurance 13th

27 September Frohburg 22nd

Aug/Sep Manx Grand Prix 28th Ultra Lightweight 61st Junior 62nd Senior

17-19  July Kells 11th

13-16 July Southern 100 10th and 11th

9/10 May 2009 Pembrey Streetfighter A 9th 10th and 10th

13/14 March 2009 Mallory Streetfighter A 12th 11th and 12th


2008 Review

Looking back over 2008 what has struck me most is the fact that it's been so wet.  Scarborough at the beginning of the year was cold and wet.  The Southern then sticks out as being miserable because of the weather and then through to the Manx.  At one point I thought about getting a tray and surfing down the paddock the water was flowing that fast and deep.

Overall I look back and I'm happy with the year.  I've gone to four new circuits Scarborough, Skerries, Anglesey and Frohburg and had great fun.  I've improved at the circuits I've returned to in particular the Manx Grand Prix.  So I keep moving in the right direction.

The R1 shock which I suspected hasn't been right all year is going to be reworked again and my suspicions have been confirmed - which again is good.

I have a few new circuits on the list to try for next year as well as a return to try and master and improve those from this year

As for my friends, fellow riders and their helpers.  You've made me laugh and cry (with laughing).  You've helped me and I hope I've returned the favour as best I can.  I've had fun this year and I look forward to 2009.

Special thanks to Huddy for all the help but also to Jason, Carolynn, Roger, Damo, Terry, Ducky, Alan, Dan, Clyde, Rosie, Bruce, Sal, Greg, Debs, Johnny, Reinhard, Dennis, Bill, Paddy, All the McCullough Clan, Neil and Bev and Si.

Id also like to thank all those people who have got in touch either by email or dropping by personally. Its very nice of you to take the time to do this and your support is appreciated.



Date                 Circuit                          Race                              Position                  

20/4/08            Scarborough                 600                                11th

17/5/08            Cadwell                        1000                              18

18/5/08                                                                                    18

31/5/08            Brands                         1000                              20 & 5

1/6/08                                                                                      6

7/6/08              Steam Packet               1000                              22

28/6/08            Snetterton                    1000                              23

29/8/08                                                                                   21 & 17

10/7/08            Southern 100                600                               9

12/7/08            Jurby South                                                       15 & 18

August              Manx Grand Prix          Junior                              42

                                                         Senior                             41

13/9/08            Anglesey                      1000                              20

14/9/08                                                                                    20 & 19

26/9/08            Frohburg                      600                                22

2007 - Summary


2007 started with me worried about getting the new bike and liking it.  Sourcing kit wasn't easy and until I rode it I couldn't help but wonder whether I'd done the right thing.  However I needn't have worried, as the new R6 is brilliant so it's all been worthwhile.

The plan at the beginning of the year was to keep the old R6 and do the Derby Phoenix Pre Injection Series and keep the new R6 for the Roads.  I did the first couple of rounds with Derby Phoenix and was really pleased with my results at Croft, especially as I hadn't been there before.  Sadly Derby Phoenix changed the championship criteria after the first two rounds and it no longer appealed. 

We went up to the Isle of Man for the Centenary TT and I'm glad we did.  Weather was great and seeing McG do the 130 and the Parade Lap was superb.  Tommy Robb went hammering past us as though he was still racing. Sadly we lost Beryl Swain this year just a month or so before the TT centenary.  A true pioneer of her time and a lady I would have liked to have met.

We tagged the Steam Packet race at Billown on to the back of the TT.  It was the first time out on the new bike and sticks in my mind for three reasons.  Firstly because I was pleased the bike felt good, secondly because I nearly lost it on chalk dust coming out of Castletown corner in practice and then because I was hit in the race by another rider and nearly fell off!  Unfortunately my friend Carolynn Sells did come off and whilst we feared she'd seriously hurt herself, she was back at the circuit later that day, albeit not a 100%.

The Southern 100 came round quickly and not having wets I struggled in practice, as the weather (and the whole summer) was grim. I got enough laps in to qualify and got my head down in the race, battling through the field coming 13th in the 600 B race.  Martin Bullock tells me that I'm the fastest girl ever at the Southern and although I have asked the club to confirm it I still waiting to hear from them.

The Manx didn't see Ellie Forrest or Gail Musson this year, which was a shame.  Practice went well although there were a few hiccups.  The weather wasn't kind to us and we struggled for marshals, which wasn't good.  We tried to bring some humour into what was quite a tense paddock this year and I have to say the paddock doesn't have the same atmosphere its had in previous years.  Jacko and Speedy bombing round on a quad did bring some fun around the place.  I'm pleased they are both on the mend.

On Junior day the weather was good and I enjoyed by first lap, which felt really comfortable.  I got bogged down by slower riders in my middle two laps but when I got a bit of space I went quicker again on the last lap.  The Senior was cancelled so I finished the Manx with a lap of 107.  I'd hoped to do better but what with the lack of practice and a bad knee I came away happy.  I know I'd have gone quicker again in the Senior so stroll on this year.

The Endurance was a giggle on the big KTM and the three of us had fun at the end of season.

When I look back at 2007 I'm pleased with how things have gone and it makes me look forward to this year.  I've had some really good races this year with Carolynn, Bill Callister, Dennis Booth, Paddy Woodside and Huddy.  The Road Race at Jurby was mad.  It's a great circuit because it's so full on.

Finally, thanks to all my sponsors whose help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks also to everyone who's taken the time to support me this year. 

Last but not least thank you Huddy for all your help, support and encouragement

6 October
1300 Open
Jurby Endurance
29 August
Manx Grand Prix
14 July
Jurby South National Road Race
12 July
Southern 100 International Road Races
9 June
Steam Packet Road Races
19 May
Jurby South Road Race
29 March
Pre Injection 600s
20th and 19th
31 March
1 April
Pre Injection 600s
15th, 10th, 10th and 7th

2006 was a better year for me I finally got my back to some resemblance of normality with the help of Ben and Isla Scott in the Isle of Man.  I did Snetterton with Derby Phoenix got a 7th 9th and 12th in the 600s. I then went to the Jurby Road and got a 14th.  We went off down to Pembrey and I got absolutely hammered by the lads I used to race with in 2004.  I got a 21st at the Southern 100 and a 13th at the National Jurby South Road which I was really pleased with and a lap of 99.8 mph.  Had a great race with Billy Smith what a laugh.  The Manx Grand Prix came round quickly with me getting a 72nd in the Junior and a 61st in the Senior.  Times came down and lap speeds went up to 104.  We then went back to the IOM for the Endurance.  I partnered Huddy on his 750 and we came 9th in the Open.
This has to go down as my worst year overall in racing.  After having such a good year in 2004 I was really looking forward to 2005.  I had such high hopes and was full of confidence.   I was instructing for Hottrax giving me time on the bike all was fitting together.  I then had a big off courtesy of someone riding into the back of me whilst instructing and I was off work for 6 weeks.  In hindsight my confidence was shot I was as weak as piss but all I had my mind on was the Manx Grand Prix.  I went to Snetterton in July to at least give me some track time before going to IOM.  I faired ok but was in the mid to high teens which I wasnt happy about. Practice week was dire I didnt think I was going to qualify I had borrowed Alan's bike for practice week and was going to use mine for the races.  It was all over the show and I honestly thought road racing wasnt for me.  Huddy suggested on the Thursday night I go out on my bike and I qualified straight away.  I got a  24th in the Newcomers, 67th in the Junior and 77th in the Senior.  We later found out that Alan's bike was shaped like a banana.  No wonder it was trying to have me into the hedges!
I did 15 rounds all over the country in 2004.  Id had my engine tuned and even though the bike was 3 years old it could hold its own in the 600 class.  I got my national licence half way through the year.  The highlights being man of the meeting at Snetterton, the fastest lap at Mallory and mainly finishing in the top 10 of every 600 race I entered.
My first non rookie year.  I did ok doing 6 or 7 rounds but learnt I needed a tuned engine to be able to do something.  I did the Pro Bike Challenge with the British Superbikes at Donington.
My Rookie year.  I did 12 rounds with my bib!  Highlights being a 3rd at Snetterton and a 4th at Cadwell.