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Ballacraine MGP Senior 2008 Thanks to TMGReed for the photo

30 August

The Senior is being run first today and Huddy and I are out together. 

Some riders say the wait on Glencrutchery Road seems to drag on forever.  Normally I wouldn't agree as Im lucky in as much as I don't normally feel nerves etc until I put my lid on. 

However .today for us the wait did seem to go on forever.  I don't know exactly how many riders left the line before it was red flagged but there was quite a few.  The rest of us having to return to the paddock to wait for their return.  This was due to one rider's machine having left its contents down Glencrutchery Road and Bray Hill.

I cant remember what time I left now but the wait did seem to go on forever this year.

Bray Hill is one of my favourite parts of the course and in practice I was getting two wheelies at the bottom heading down towards Quarterbridge.  Off we went finally and my first lap was 108.5 mph the fastest Ive been so far.  The second lap I  got caught up in traffic with a rider on a fast bike but who wasn't too sure where he was going so clocked a 106.  I came home 41st having started 69th not too bad. 

The forties were the numbers for me this year as I came in 42nd in the Junior after having started 78th.


29 August

Senior Day

No play today though the weather has seen to that.


28 August

All the gang had a big day Friday so we went into chill out mode.  A bite to eat with Roger and Carolynn then we piled into the van with the McCullaghs down to Peel for the beach races.  The second generation McCannys are now doing well on the island and won I think two out of the three races we saw with David Knight having to start half a lap behind the others.  Give him his due though he nearly caught the leader.

Ice creams all round and then a quiet drinkie in the Crosby and talk bikes.

27 August

Junior Day.

The Manx weather didn't let us down and low and behold the race was cut to three laps.  I opted for an inter front and normal rear.  I'm so pleased I did as every lap I got big slides through Glen Helen on the rear where it was damp.  There was patches of low cloud here and there but I got my head down and kept a rhythm.  I got back to the motorhome and said to Huddy and Jason that if Id managed top 50 Id be over the moon.  I got 42nd and was so chuffed.  I then found out the replicas stopped at 41st and I'd missed one by a couple of seconds.


25 August

Newcomers day.

Our practise session was called off.  So we were mooching round the paddock.  Roger Maher had created a beast of a C90 with an exclusive viewing which just needed test driving.  As I clambered aboard and we sped off I did wonder for a fraction of a second whether I needed a helmet but the chair (fold up) was quite secure.  Off we went round the paddock with Roger attempting wheelies outside the shops.  I admit I did scream with Roger shouting "you scream like a girl"  I replied "I am a girl".    

As we entered the day paddock which was a mud pit the trusty C90 ploughed on taking the corner speedway style by the Dyno facilities.  I think we surprised a few people as we sped past (probably only 10 mph but trust me that high up on a fold up chair and on those tyres it was fast enough).

We slowed back in the paddock and as we drew back to the awning Roger wheeled the C90.  Over we went landing like a pile of washing and smashing the rear light.  The fold up chair folded up and I couldn't get out of it for laughing.  Hanging around the paddock with nothing to do is more dangerous than riding.

Roger rode off to do running repairs and was back again in no time.  The second test pilot was Huddy.  More wheelies were tried within a few yards and the two of them impressively balanced the bike for a few feet before they both ended up on the floor in fits of laughter.

Roger parked up and then Im afraid we nicked the bike later and hid it behind the motorhome  which was a bit naughty but we did let Andrew Neil in on it as it was his bike.

24 August

A very quiet paddock down our end this morning.  I was out with the dogs and was asked to organise the Newcomers briefing, re pitstops. The way I was feeling at the time there was no way I was going to get in my leathers let alone ride a bike.  After a quick confab with Russ Henley we roped Stuey Bainborough into the riding bit and I was pit bitch.

I have to say we did the "don't do it this way"  quite well.  Russ and I were chatting when Stuey came in and overshot the pit bay.  We didn't help him back, we just stood looking at him and hurling abuse.  We couldn't find the key for the fuel cap as I had it in my pocket, I moaned about the windowlene being not very good and when Russ got abusive I sprayed him in the face with it and had a tantrum.  All in all it probably would have taken 2-3 minutes.

The "do it this way" was slicker though.  We organised who was doing what.  The mobiles were put away and the hair was clipped up.  Game on!  We waved Stuey in, fuelled the bike, gave him a drink, cleaned the visor and screen and he was gone in super fast time.

By this time the gang had got going and there were some pale faces around the paddock.  We grabbed some food and had a laugh then got ready for the Marshals Supper. 

Its nice to show appreciation to the orange army and we'd bought a few bits for the raffle.  I failed miserably at the stand up bingo and escaped the Karioke although James and Carolynn have missed a vocation and should get lined up for X Factor.

23 August

I have to give a big thank you to Jimmy and Darran Creer, Dennis Booth and Roger Maher who all gave me a hand last night in Huddy's absence.  Thanks very much boys.

The Island weather continued true to form and is as changeable as ever!

There's another opportunity to get out tonight but I don't think it will go and am making plans now.  Ive done another lap in the van to brush up and get some more confidence in a few areas.  Thanks Duckmeister!

Tubby tried really hard to get us practice going again tonight but the mountain wasn't playing.  By the time I got to the Creg for tea I coundnt see Kate's Cottage so there was no way it was going ahead.

Had a cracking night with Carolynn Roger Damon the McCullagh Gang and Team MBR.  Blue WKD and Champagne is nice Ive named it AvGas. 


As you can see pit lane gets a bit rammed before practice starts! Thanks to Bob Kneale for the photo


A great photo from Bob Kneale yours truly at Quarterbridge

22 August 2008

Huddy left for Pembrey today to compete on the KTM in the Thundersport GB round down in Wales.  He's back on Sunday night late so will miss Friday and Saturday practice.

My friends Carolynn and Bill are riding well and posting goods times.

I got another two laps in and although I felt a little held up in places I was pleased with the consistent progress.  A little faster (a few mph) again tonight which bodes well.  There were a few offs tonight with other riders but I believe everyone is ok.

21 August 2008

Phillipa made a brief appearance today and introduced herself to Ryan McCay and some of the Irish boys.  As always she is incredibly popular with the boys.

I was hoping for a couple of quicker laps last night and didn't think I was going to get them after hearing the Clerk of the Course information message.  Greeba had been closed most of the day due to a road traffic accident and the marshals would show oil flags.  Then more flags would be shown at Douglas Road Corner at Kirk Michael.  Bit of a bummer! 

Huddy left in front off me again tonight.

Greeba was much of a muchness but the oil line went from Rhencullen al the way through to Ballaugh.  I eased off I don't mind admitting it I had people go past me and hats off to them.  I clocked off another lap and came home meeting Huddy at the awning.  We both enjoyed ourselves with Huddy doing 107 and I did 104.  We were both happy having improved again.

20 August 2008

Huddy left in front of me again the plan of going out together for practice not being very successful.  I was far more decisive overtaking tonight and enjoyed my laps.

We ended up doing about the same times give or take a few seconds.

19 August 2008

Because there's been so much rain on the Island the ground is like a huge sponge that quite simply cant hold any more water.  Any more rain just simply comes straight onto the roads.  There was plenty sat on the exit at Handleys tonight but as always the marshals looked after us.  It was good to get two laps in with most people going steady tonight and building a foundation for the rest of the week.

18 August

Grim again.  I dont think we'll be out tonight.

Phil tried to get us out but the weather "window" wasnt as good as he hoped and so we went to the pictures to see The Mummy 3.  The Newcomers got out for their controlled speed lap which is good.  

Huddy is leaving the Island Friday for Pembrey this has probably ended any hope of doing a lap on the Super Duke R as he's short on time to qualify the GSXR now .  Pity though as there have been loads of people who have said it would be good to see it round the course.  Maybe something for the MMCC to consider?  A streetfighter or naked bike class?

16 August

All signed on but we arent going anywhere tonight the weather is grim.  On a good note though Phil Taubman the new Clerk of the Course has made an early call and told us we arent going tonight. 

8 August

Thanks to Mikey Shipley and his brother James (who is doing the newcomers) we'll get a clutch for the truck and they'll fit it for us - STARS!

7 August 2008

We drove up to Heysham and came on the red eye to the Isle of Man.  Traffic on the M25 was awful and we ended up taking an hour longer than normal just coming round the M25.  Stop start all the way for an hour.  We found out later getting off the boat that this killed the clutch on the truck so we were lucky to get here.

We're parked opposite the Marshal's office next to MBR.  We have PRF in front off us so should be a good crack.  Carolynn Sells and Roger Maher arrive later
next week.