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19 August 2007

Loads been going on.  We arrived on the 10th August and are parked opposite the Marshals Association in the top Paddock.

Unfortunately the MGP is very short of marshals at the moment mainly due to the fact that the Police charged a sector marshal with manslaughter after the incident at the 26th at the TT.  These charges have since been dropped due to the common sense of the attorney general.  Its a sorry state of affairs that it even got that far.  The implications for any sport where a road marshal is required would be horrendous.

We have signed on to marshal in the Newcomers. 

Practise was cancelled last night due to the weather and probably the lack of marshals. This means the programme moves over to Monday beginning with the newcomers controlled speed lap.

After nattering to Bill Callister we may do Dundrod 150 next year. 

The weather has been a bit grim raining every day and it is cold today.

I helped with the Marshal's filming of loading a casualty into a helicopter this afternoon.

I also had some good news last night which has yet to be confirmed by the Southern 100 Club but Martin Bullock believes Im the fastest girl round the Billown circuit which is brilliant news.  Cheesy grins all round.  Ive asked the Club to confirm.

20 August 2007

You know when you have a day planned in your head and it doesnt quite work out like that.  Well that was today!  Huddy and I planned to practice together and that went pear shaped.  I felt well rusty and couldnt get going at all.  All in all a poor lap but it done, been and gone now.

21 August 2007

Two laps in tonight which was good.  103 and 104 so progress in the right direction, finally. Bike feels really good although it needs a little softening off suspension wise.

The atmosphere was a little tense this year so we thought we'd lighten things up. 

Phillipa Hole arrived tonight and got dressed in my spare leathers and sat on my bike in the holding area.  Now lads Phillipa is a friendly girl and whilst she doesn't complain you lot didn't need to grab hold of her as readily as you did!  For those of you who were particularly taken with her, her sisters reside at Ann Summers.

Phillipa's sister had arrived in the afternoon but Huddy striving for perfection didn't like some of the creases on the seams and promptly blew her arse out when he filled her with too much air!

Phillipa didn't come out for a beer, she didn't have anything to wear and shes not very good at getting the beers in!

22 August 2007

Weathers good again so should hopefully get another two in.  The lap went well with Ginger Hall to Ramsey feeling better.  Coming into Waterworks 2 I had a bike on the righthandside of me and knew whoever it was they weren't going to make it.  I slowed up and they promptly fell off in front of me.  I had stopped and the lad and his bike were in front of me in the road.  I couldn't go anywhere, as I couldn't see round the corner to see if anyone was coming and the bike was blocking my way.  Yellow flags and marshals were everywhere and I was waiting for one of them to give me the nod to go.  Then there was bang and I was hit on my left side by another rider who clipped the lad on the floor.  I ended up on the floor.  The rider stopped looked round and then rode off!  The bike wasn't damaged only some scuffs on the fairing and can.  Annoying more than anything.  The doctor checked out my knee, which was giving me some stick and said to elevate and rest it.  The trouble with that is it stiffens up and I knew that as Id parted company with the bike I was going to be on stop and would need to pass a medical.  One fed up cookie I can tell you!

23 August 2007

Been off down to the hyperbaric this morning.  I can recommend it to anyone who has sustained an injury like mine.  I hobbled in and walked out - straight up.  The effects wore off through the day unfortunately because it wasn't sore I used it.  I went for my medical late afternoon.  Walking up the Control Tower at the Grandstand forms part of the medical, as you have to meet the Doctor up there.  I have it on good authority that a certain person takes 45 minutes to get up the Tower.  Surely a fire hazard on the way down!  Id kept mobile, no elevation for me, so getting up the Tower wasn't a problem.  I was however surprised to be asked to do some pressups.  Girly ones I asked no proper ones.  I don't know if I can do proper ones!  I did them though and medical passed.  I asked the doctor why pressups and learnt that when you do a proper pressup you actually use every muscle in your body.

No practice tonight for the modern bikes.  The classics got out but the weather closed in. Did my knee a favour though.

Al arrived tonight.

24 August 2007

We'd gone the wrong way with the suspension tonight, the bike wasn't good but you need to try these things.  Least said best mended!

25 August 2007

Suspension changes tonight and the bike felt really good.  I only got as far as the Ballacraine. I came back the old road through Foxdale as my oil light had come on.  Dobsey had checked the bike over when I had pulled over and given me the all clear but I thought I had better have it checked before continuing.  Practice was cancelled due to the weather on the mountain so ironically I'd got back early.

We met up with Dennis and Terry and went for a beer and Chinese.

Dan arrived today.

26 August 2007

Pottering about today.  Hyperbaric again.  Bloody knee is pissing me off now its more knackering hobbling about than it is walking.

We'd been invited down to the Marshals Supper at the Masonic Hall and had a few things organised.

Earlier in the week Martin Bullock had told Roger Hurst how much the riders appreciated all the hard work he put in.  Roger had said how nice it was and the fact that he did it all for the riders.  This got us to thinking so the "Thank You" cards were bought and the majority of the riders signed them.  All were aware of the difficulties faced this year by the marshals and were disgusted by events.  Flowers were ordered and off we went.

At the opportune moment in proceedings down at the Masonic we presented Roger with his cards and Janet his wife with flowers.  We also got flowers for Cathy Pullen just to show our support and thanks.

27 August 2007

The Newcomers Race saw our friend Justin Croft getting a well deserved third.  Jules his brother was up for a podium last year but unfortunately had come off and broke his collarbone.  Tony Callister's bike broke down on the Creg when he was going well which was a shame.

There was another practice session today so we weren't able to marshal for the newcomers, which was a shame.  I did however get a good clean lap in, albeit at 103 but it did mean I was back to pre-accident times.  It was good fun.

28 August 2007

A day to relax, check and clean the bike and new boots.  My precious carbon rims were given to Dennis Trollope who looks after your wheels whilst he changes tyres.

29 August 2007

The day of the Junior.  Yee hah!  Fun fun fun here we come!  Weather was good and I was really looking forward to it.

I got off in front of the lad I started with and got quite a good first lap in overtaking people which is always nice.  The second lap I got bogged down with slower riders and every time I went to overtake one he changed direction and scared the be Jesus out of me.  In for a pit stop which was controlled efficient and smooth.  Cheers lads - cant do it without you.  Off again for another lap and again fighting my way through traffic.  The final lap was a bit clearer and I came down into Governors pleased with my fitness and wishing there were more laps to do.  Bummer Id have to wait til Friday.

Well chuffed 106 standing start - fastest Id ever been.  Middle two laps not great but then the last lap 107.  Cool.  Times are getting better what more can you ask for.

31 August 2007

Oh dear, the weather isn't good.  The start time was postponed and put back but we aren't going anywhere.  No Senior this year, such a shame especially for the riders who only had an entry in the Senior.

Greg and Johnny were over and we piled out for a beer.  It had to be done.  All got hammered with Greg even trying to cuddle and play with my dog in the early hours.  I don't have a cuddly dog so it was interesting!

Thanks everyone for your help and support namely Huddy, Dan, Al, Terry and Ducky.