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15 December 2008

We were at the Thundersport GB Presentation night on Saturday.  Huddy had come second in the Streetfighter A Championship.  He picked up a lovely trophy which we duly filled with champagne and shared with our friends.  It's got to be done hasn't it?  As the night drew on it got filled with all sorts of alcohol but the good old WKD sparked it up again!

As the presentation drew to a close I was a little surprised (to say the least) to be called up front to receive an Ambassador to the Sport Award for 2008.  Not only was I very surprised but I was also very honoured as to have people like Dave and Bernie Stewart  pick me for an award like that when they know so many people who are far more worthy than me  - well, I was chuffed I can tell you!


28 November 2008

The ACU have written to me (and all the other girls who race) expressing an interest in running a ladies championship next year.  I've sent my opinions back to them for what its worth.

25 November 2008

The Manx Motor Cycle Club who run the Manx Grand Prix haven't decided on the format of the classes for next year yet.  Obviously this is disappointing as we had hoped they would announce any class changes before Christmas.  They are aware of this need to inform riders but are currently in discussions with the Department of Tourism on the Isle of Man.

11th November

Im currently writing up by review of the year and other than having a sking lesson havent been up to much.  In the meantime please go to the link below for a very worthwhile cause.


19 October 2008

What a saga the last round of Huddy's Championship turned out to be.  Well at least qualifying and the first race anyway!   We were both out at the same time with me on Al's KTM.  I hadn't done the national circuit before and hated every minute of Donington the last time I was there so wobbled about for a couple of laps.  Once I sussed out the new chicane onto the start and finish I started to get going and was having a right laugh.  I pulled in at the end of the session to find Huddy and Dan taking the bellypan off Huddy's bike.  The exhaust had broken off the rear cylinder.  Tried as we might to find someone to weld it - it was a no go so he went out in the next qualifying on Al's bike.  It was the only thing to do as he had a championship to think about and I was just having fun.  I have to admit to being a bit gutted though when I found out Id qualified third in the first session.  Bummer!  My weekend was over.

I did however get interviewed for Streetfighter Magazine which was good fun.  They took some piccies and I'll let you know when its out on sale.

Please see the Team Pants Page for more info on how Huddy got on.


10 October 2008

We went down to Brands Friday and today as it's the final round of BSB.  It gives us a good chance to meet up with friends we don't see much of throughout the year.  We also went down to meet up with Jens Hesbich who we met in Frohburg racing his KTM.

Youngy and Glen were going well with Youngy particularly please he'd finally got a setting which meant he could ride the bike how he'd wanted to all year. 

Next weekend is another busy one.  We're at Donington on Saturday and Mallory on Sunday for the final two rounds of the Thundersport GB Championship and it's also the Race of the Year at Mallory.  Huddy will be trying to win his Championship (he's currently in second) and I will be having loads of fun in the Streetfighter class on Alan Pattison's Visual Impact KTM Super Duke.  Thanks Alan.

I've finally had the opportunity to load some photos on the various pages if you get chance to have a look.  I'm also in the process of ordering some from the MGP so will have more to load soon.

5 October 2008

Friday night at Cadwell was cold almost to the point of freezing.  It's not a pleasant place as its one of the few circuits left in Britain that doesn't have electricity for the paddock or garages.

We were only racing on the Saturday.  We hadn't done the test day on the Friday which pretty much all the paddock had done so we were a little on the back foot anyway.  Huddy was out first on the KTM for a session which didn't know whether it wanted to rain properly or not.  He came in and I went out virtually straight after on the R1 with the conditions unchanged except it had started to rain a little bit more up at Park.

Huddy's practice was untimed and I was quite happy to have qualified 14th.  Unfortunately this was short lived as I didn't get out in the race due to a problem with a wheel bearing.

Huddy rode well though getting the fastest sound of thunder lap and coming in 4th in class.


Frohburg turned out as we hoped really.  It was a break as well as a great opportunity to ride round a new circuit for us.

We split the journey over into two and stayed with Arno and Doris in West Germany over night and then drove on to Frohburg on Thursday.  We arrived mid afternoon, checked into the Hotel at Gnandstein and then caught up with the boys. 

On Friday we went off to Colditz to do a bit of sightseeing with everyone piled in the back of the van.  They thought we'd been before with Huddy bombing around the back roads of Germany until we told them it was all down to the sat nav!

Saturday was qualifying and I rode round on my own for the first session just getting my bearings and sorting myself out. 

Huddy had gone out on the back of the KTM Battle class and then came straight out with us so he was gone.

I got better as the day went on and was pleased qualifying 27th with a semi respectable time so was feeling happy with how things were going.

The 600 race was at lunchtime on Sunday and we were held on the grid for photos and interviews.  I got a reasonable start and managed to fight my way through to 22nd.

We had a great time and really enjoyed it.  Paddy and Stevie and the gang were good company and we had a right laugh.

It was also good to meet up with our friend Reinhard and have a beer.

Ich hoffe, dieser Text ist richtig und verständlich ist!

Id genau wie bei allen Menschen, die hat mir gezeigt, Unterstützung in Deutschland. Besonders all jene, die hatten große Fotos von mir und wollte mich auch mit meinem Rennen. Es ist sehr zu schätzen.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Gastfreundschaft in Ihrem schönen Land.


22 September 2008

We are getting ready to go to the Frohburg Joey Dunlop 2008 Road Races.

Im looking forward to meeting and seeing some good friends in Germany and catching up with the Irish gang from the Manx.

Im taking the R6.  Huddy is racing too on the KTM.

Frohburg is on the 27/28 September.

The following weekend we are off up to Cadwell as we've been invited to the Dave Holland Festival.

Mark Wright of Holbeach Tyres was a close friend of Dave Holland a former 600 racer mainly with New Era. 

On behalf of Mark and in memory of Dave - everyone is invited to join us at Cadwell to celebrate the life of Dave Holland in a full fun weekend's racing in true Dave Holland style.




There will be a presentation at approx. 6.30pm  on Saturday evening for the top three in all classes - plus the DAVE HOLLAND TROPHY which will go to the best performance over the two Allcomers Open Championship races 600 to 1300cc plus 250GP.  This will be followed by a Hog Roast for which, although free to everyone, the organisers will appreciate a donation of £2.00 per ticket which will go to the chosen Charity of Dave's family.   The Marshals are all particularly welcome.

 Ticket includes Hog Roast, plus a DJ, plus Rodeo Bull and a Band.   

The Party starts at 7.00 pm on Saturday evening. 

Entries via New Era

Any enquires other than race entries please contact Mark Wright on 07733324640.


13 to 14 September 2008

I was at Anglesey this weekend for the first time with Thundersport GB.  Id heard nothing but good about the circuit and can confirm it's a great track.  I had a bit of a breakthrough with the R1 and enjoyed riding it.  The circuit was hard on tyres and we went through a load but it can be false economy if you end up throwing your bike down the road.

Id qualified 24th and was happy with it being my first time there.  In the three races we had I finished 20th twice and 19th in the last race.


5th to 7th September

I had a busy weekend planned at Donington not only was I competing but I was also acting as taxi bike.  The programme allowed for this to work ok as we wouldn't be out til the end of the day.  What I hadn't taken into account though was how miserable Donington was going to be.

I was out at 7.00am on Friday morning and I wish it had been bright and early but it wasn't.  It was cold wet and dark.  I had waterproofs on under my fetching white boiler suit but I was miserable by 10am.  I had a change of clothes at lunchtime and went back out and but it was hard work.  The riders who'd taken a tumble were of course extremely grateful and it was a pleasure to get them back to their teams. 

I got back an hour before qualifying.  Made what turned out to be a feeble attempt to warm up and jumped on the R1.  It was still pissing down.  At one point it was so dark over Coppice you could have mistaken it for the end of the world it was so black.  Not having been to Donington for four years didnt help.  I came back in having hated every minute of it.  It's funny really you know where the circuit goes but picking up the apexes etc does take practice.

I decided not to be a mobile chicane for the rest of the weekend and spent Saturday and Sunday doing recovery with Huddy in the Van.  I couldn't face two more days sitting out in the rain on the scooter and besides that Id run out of dry clothes.

The highlight of the weekend was getting a good look at the unfortunate Mr Corser's bike.  What a bit of kit.

4 September 2008

Unfortunately I blue screened my laptop whilst in the Isle of Man so was unable to update the MGP Page.  Im sorry about this.  Im currently typing up what happened and hope to update the page shortly.

We're off to Donington today to go to the World Superbikes.  Im acting as a taxi bike for the riders should they fall off and Im also competing in a support class.

7 August to 2 September 2008

Whilst the Manx Grand Prix is on I'll be updating the MGP 2008 Page.

27 July 2008

It's been a relatively quiet two weeks in racing terms.  The R6 engine has been sent for a complete look at.  Huddy however was at Mallory today with Thundersport GB.  Please see the Team Pants Page.

The revised rotary Norton was out at Mallory and we searched it out in the paddock.  I have to say it is a gorgeous piece of kit.  It was wheeling out of Edwina's on the power and needed to be short shifted twice to keep the front end down.  There was a small team of three looking after the two bikes and I sincerely hope everything goes well for them.  I also hope that it isn't true the rider flipped it coming out of Edwina's in the race. 

Callum O'Shea also had a high speed off at Gerard's and was lucky to walk away with only a cut arm.  His bike didn't look as well though infact it looked quite poorly.

Stroll on next month as I'll have finished this large project at work and we'll be off to the Manx Grand Prix.  We'll be parked opposite the Marshals Office at the back of the grandstand so pop in and say hi.

12th July 2008

I like Jurby South Road and was looking forward to a good days racing. 

For some reason only known to Andreas we only got two laps of qualifying in on the 1000 which proved to be a handful down the coast road.

In the 600 qualifying session I got one lap in after a hose blew off the radiator and I pulled in.

Not the best basis to have two races but a lot faired worse than me.  It was a warm day and Jurby South is punishing on engines and there was at least one that cried enough.

I could have done with more time with the R1 to set it up but came home 18th in the race.

The R6 race was more fun as after doing a quick suspension tweak I got the front end dialled in and away we went.  Although I qualified that far back I couldn't see the flag in fact I couldn't even see the bloke holding the flag I made a half decent start.

A good battle ensued and I came in 15th and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I went quicker than I did last year - not bad after one lap of practice!

10th July 2008

From Ireland we went to the Isle of Man and signed on for the Southern 100.  The weather wasn't great all week in fact it was very changeable.  I qualified on the fourth row for the 600B and second row for the 1000 consolation.

Wednesday night's rain had left part of the track wet for the 600B race but with inters on I felt confident.  A two wheel slide at the Iron Gate soon made me feel mortal again, as did loosing the back twice at Ballanorris.  I came home ninth which in the conditions I was happy with.

3rd July 2008

Holyhead to Dublin today with Irish Ferries.  The Steam Packet could learn a lot from this company.  The staff were friendly and the sea cat was superb.

We found our way to Skerries and pitched up next to Carolynn Sells and Roger Maher.  Shortly after Dennis Booth and Tracey joined us and that was us sorted for the weekend.  We have to say a big thank you to all four as they looked after us all weekend.  Thanks also to Sammy for helping with the bikes.

I was a little surprised to find one part of the track being blasted to lift the top surface early Friday morning.

I found Skerries a tight little circuit to start off with as I wasn't too sure where I was going.  It was also surprising slippy in two areas in particular with me nearly losing the front on the R1 and the back on the R6.

The weather wasn't great and to say there was plenty of mud about was an understatement with some of the lads riding the bikes down to the holding area with cling film on their tyres!

I didn't race on the Saturday having gotten up to wind and rain.  After we packed up of course the sun came out but that's typical isn't it.

2 July 2008

We're off to Skerries tomorrow for the first time.  Which will be great fun and an opportunity to meet up with my friend Carolynn Sells for the first time since she moved to Ireland.  Then we're off to the Isle of Man for the Southern 100 and Jurby South Road race where we'll see Billy Boy Caliister for the first time this year.  Hopefully see you there.


30 June 2008

I haven't raced at Snetterton since 2005 and whilst I've had some of my best results there when you haven't been for such a long time you always wonder how you'll get on.

The weather was great with it only becoming cloudy on Sunday.  I was fairly happy with my qualifying equaling my fastest times ever from 2004.  Then in race one on Saturday I lapped consistently at that time  dropping down a second for one lap.  On the Sunday I had two races and lapped consistently at my lower times so I was very happy.  I'd obtained my fastest ever times at the circuit.

My standard engine didn't do too bad up against the tuned ones especially as Snetterton is a power circuit.

I came away happy with how I had ridden and the bike for the first time all year.

Please see the Team Pants Page for Huddy's update.


25 June 2008

Last weekend we were asked to help the organisers of the MotoGP.  So Thursday night we went up to Donington.

Huddy was on one of the Recovery Vans and I was on a taxi bike to the riders on an Aprillia scooter.

The BSB paddock is good but the MotoGP paddock is impressive and I can only assume the WSB fills the void in between the two.  The amount of kit that they have all of which is new.  Everyone is immaculately turned out and has that "I am important" look. 

There were lots of Dorna staff rushing round trying to look very important and stylish.

Friday involved a lot of waiting around but Saturday because the weather wasn't great was busy.  First pick up of the day was a certain Mr Toseland who had dumped it in what turned out to be the first of his three crashes.  Coming back we were on the point of being mobbed so I nailed it on my 50cc which had little impact.  The next pick up for me was Giorgio Lai.

Huddy got up close to the Red Bull Rookie bikes carrying the damaged KTMs into the Red Bull garage under his arm! 

The rest of the weekend was quiet until the 125 race with all the offs at the Esses so I ferried everyone back to the pits which was fun through all the people.  Thanks go to the lads in front of the burger stalls behind the grandstands who thoughtfully made space for me every time I went past.  Unfortunately not everyone was so helpful. 

I was surprised that some riders received abuse for falling off!  And as for Stoner getting abuse for winning - what's going on in this country?


16 June 2008

Saturday saw us up at Aintree for the first time since 2004.  We primarily went up to see our friends Greg and Debs Lewis and timed it up with a days racing as well.  Aintree is a fast circuit not too dissimilar to Snetterton with a long back straight.  The Club and riders are friendly and we had a great day.  I hope Ive finally got to grips with the R1 I had it motoring down the back by the end of the day although I did miss my braking marker once and was throwing out anchors, a parachute and had my feet down in an attempt to get it stopped before the corner!

Thank you those that took the time to stop and have a chat and take an interest in what we are doing.

The PRF boys were on form although unfortunately Carl had a coming together with Mick Walker at the end of the day resulting in them both on the floor but unhurt.


10 June 2008

We went to the Isle of Man last Thursday so we could watch the Senior. I have to say Thursday night Douglas was very flat.  There were no bikes about and the "stunt" show on the prom was repetitive.  I don't know what you think but I think the TT should go more adult orientated and cater for blokes on bikes which is what the TT is. 

The racing was good on Friday although it would have been nice to see the two strokes out Friday morning and a parade lap especially with it being the last race day of the week.

We were VIP Guests of a friend on Friday so it was nice to see the riders afterwards especially Cameron Donald's thanks to the TAS team who were sat grabbing a bite to eat.  Hutchy was very down, even though he had ridden so well. 

We were cheering on Carl Rennie and Roger Maher - well done boys - great pit stops from the lads in both teams as well.

Saturday saw more cracking weather and we were down at Billown for the Steam Packet Race. 

The Two Stroke Supporters Club should be made up because the quality and quantity of the kit at Billown must make the TT organisers realise they must have the strokers back at the TT.

I was in the support race and out for the first time on the R1.  We knew the suspension was going to need setting up so the first qualifying session was over with me only doing three laps as I was pulling in and tweaking the suspension.  We were going in the right direction but ran out of time.  The second session meant I had to pull my finger out to qualify and ride it even though it wasn't right.  I was made up to qualify as Farquar and Lougher were setting the pace at the front.

We then had to wait six hours til the race which started just before 8pm.  After hanging about all day I desperately needed Red Bull and my ipod I can tell you.  The sun by this time was right in your face at points and I wasn't enjoying myself but I finished the race and am happy we have gone a good part of the way to setting the bike up.

A big thank you to Bob Kneale for the photos.    

Huddy continues to lead the Streetfighter A class with Thundersport GB and Im 14th in the GP1 class.

2 June 2008

Huddy was on Motors TV last night and although he won three races and came second in the other the program didn't really reflect this. 

31 May/1 June 2008

I'm pleased that my decision to switch to the roads from circuit racing was refreshed in my mind this weekend.  Whilst I didn't mind racing at Brands Indy this weekend I no longer relished it like I did four years ago which was when I last raced there. 

I tried to fly the flag for the road racing girls this weekend and got a 5th and a 6th on the R6.  Which I was happy enough with as I think it's fair to say the girls at the front are Brands Hatch Scratchers.  The turnout was good with 14 bikes on the grid. 

It was nice to bump into some of the girls I'd met a little while ago and hadn't seen for ages and nice to see some returning to racing having had accidents or run out of money.

However half the field were up their own arses and really need to get things into perspective so I'm afraid to say I won't be rushing back with enthusiasm to do any more.

Huddy did however sort out the R1 which had managed not only to tie itself up in knots (so to speak) handling wise due to a spacer in the steering bracket being of too soft a material but the bell mouths had also worked their way loose whilst running in.  Needless to say with all this fixed Chuckie now handles and goes well.

This was confirmed as I lent it to Rob Elsmere after he had an unfortunate accident at Graham Hill.  It didn't appear to be a big spill but his frame was in two pieces on his GSXR 1000.  On the Friday test I had decided to ride the R6 as Huddy wanted to work on the R1.  I took the R1 out for 3 laps on Saturday morning to make sure all was ok and then in effect parked it up for the weekend.

We were sharing a garage with Rob Elsmere and Rob Hoyles so had got nattering over the weekend and had been having a laugh.  I don't know what you'd call it really but I didn't seem right to leave the R1 sitting there and Rob's weekend in tatters so I lent it to him.  Chickens do fly as my Chuckie was doing 48s and Rob got two seconds and a first.  I'm pleased for him I hope he was happy even though he's still got a wrecked bike to fix.  Rob is a talented rider he jumped on my bike cold and immediately was pushing at the front so much so that Gary May gave him his first place trophy after the Saturday race after just beating Rob into second.


28 May 2008

At a track day at Brands yesterday.  Got one session in before the rain which then lasted all day except for the last session.  Got a good wet setting for the R6 though.

27 May 2008

I was sorry to hear that James McBride has had an accident in practice for the TT at Gorselea.  I hope you are on the mend soon James we'll be into Nobles to give you some stick next week.

Please see the Team PANTS page for the KTM Battle update from Donington


21 May 2008

Mallory today for a test day and a blow out on both bikes.  Bumped into Youngy  who was there testing he second bikes.  John McG was also testing along with Gary Mason on the Key Tools superbike.  Glen Richards was probably overall fastest.

I came away much happier with the bikes - which was the idea! Got a couple of good sessions in and it proved to be a really good afternoon.


18 May 2008

I introduced my friend Greg to Chuckie today.  "You can't call a bike that looks like this Chuckie"  "Why not?"  "Because it's a beast," "Yeah, but now it's a Chuckie as well." 

The bike is run in now and its fair to say it needs a little more work but its not far away from being finished.  I'm pleased with the suspension and how it has turned out.

Please see the Team Pants Page for an update on Huddy's achievements over the weekend - he was flying.

17 May 2008

Chuckie continues to get run in and we've started to setup the suspension.

16 May 2008

We received a text about Robert Dunlop this morning and I have to confess I had to speak to a few other people because I didn't believe it was true to start off with. Words however well intended cant ease grief or bring people back but we can only add out condolences and send them to the Dunlop family at a very sad time.

15 May 2008

We were bombing round today collecting parts for a friend who's competing in the TT. 

Then off up to Cadwell for the first outing for the newly named Chuckie.  Looking at my brand new R1 with its Chicken on the side which is my sponsor Fairo's Chicken logo I had to name it Chuckie.  I've put some piccies on the Photos Page - let me know what you think of it?

I'd like to thank Alan of Road and Track, Gary of Dynamic Precision, Val at Talon Engineering, Nigel at Harris Performance, Alan at Visual Impact, Kev at Rev to Race, John at Trickshifter and Roberto for all their respective help and advice.

I think Huddy enjoyed building it although I know he did curse it a few times!  Cheers hun Chuckie wouldn't be Chuckie without you!


10 May 2008

I'm not racing this weekend but the next best thing has to be test riding bikes.  With such cracking weather today was great fun.  You're going to get my opinion - for what its worth but at least you know that as I'm not being paid to say this you'll get the truth!

First off the KTM RC8.  I've seen it in the flesh and although it's quite a tall bike the riding position is very comfortable.  An easy bike to ride round town although standard gearing must be very tall as you could easily potter about in first and second all day long.  Once out on the twisties the engine is really smooth until you get the revs up then you know you're on a twin as you can feel the vibration through the bars.  Brakes awesome - instant stopping power.  The suspension has a quality feel about it.  On the downside the mirrors were crap couldn't see a thing and I wonder if the gear change would be better with a set of rearsets.

On the way back to the shop a Ducati 848 in a striking pearlescent white.  Nice looking bike which is essentially a baby 1098.  Jumping off the RC8 onto the Duke it's instantly smaller although not by much and the reach to the bars is shorter.  It goes well but it lets you know its trying to get you somewhere.  The chassis isn't as stiff as the 999 which I personally think is a good thing.  The riding position wraps you round the tank and I'm glad I'm not a lad as I think it may have been uncomfortable.  Brakes are more progressive they stop you but you really need to get hold of them and to be frank the suspension feels cheap.  I was disappointed I thought there would be more about it but it had a cheap and cheerful feel about it but it certainly isn't cheap to buy.

There's not an awful lot of money between these two bikes as the RC8 is pitched between the 848 and the 1098.    If I had to choose it would be the RC8.

A big thanks to Ronnie of Hyside Motorcycles, 98, Collier Row Rd, Romford, Essex RM5 2BA  Tel: 01708 763360 for allowing us a couple of hours of fun in the sun.


4 May 2008

The fun monster got its first outing today....

Please see Team Pants Page

3 May 2008

I was very sorry to hear of Martin Finnegan's death at the Tandragee.  I can't say I knew him (I only met him once) but he seemed a nice man, who I never heard anyone say a bad word about - which is rare in racing! 

A sad time - our condolences to his family and friends.


25 April 2008

Cookstown this weekend - so Id like to wish Carolynn, Dennis and Jules good luck, good weather, and good racing.  If anyone else I know is doing it have fun and enjoy yourselves.


23 April 2008

We did over a thousand miles this weekend.

We hacked up to Piers Dowell's to pick up lids then over to JT Engine Developments then up to Scarborough.

Lids are cool I'm really pleased.  The R6 mapping was well off but Brucie babes has corrected it so I don't have problems getting the thing going below 6000 rpm now.  The fuelling was all over the shop so it's running much better now.

Scarborough - what can I say?  I think you either love it or hate it and I love it.  We walked round it on Saturday and to say the climb up the hill is steep is an understatement. 

Sunday - raceday- was cold but dry for the newcomer laps.  We got 3 in and had a wobble round.

As we pulled into the holding area for qualifying it started to rain but we weren't turned away so we went out.  A few lads pulled in after two laps but I carried on as it rained harder - I needed track time.  By the end of the session muggings here was the only one riding round doing two laps in the pissing rain and I mean pissing rain on Supercorsas. 

With no wets I sat out the first race but when I went up to watch, the track was pretty much dry.

I went out in the second race and by then it had warmed up a bit too so I got another 6 laps in and started to get going and have a bit of fun.

I've said before Scarborough has been a bit of a draw for me for a couple of years now and I've finally done it.  I'll be going back - I really liked the track and I'm really pleased I went.

Stephen Oates was riding really well and flying the Manx flag.  It was also good to meet up with Paddy Woodside, Jules Croft who was also going well as was Kiaran Hankin.  It's good to catch up with people after the winter and see what they're up to.

16 April 2008

Piers Dowell has finished my lids so I'm picking them up tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it I must admit.

Then Friday get the bike mapped as I didn't get chance to do it last year so that should be an interesting exercise to see how much its been off.  Some people get well wrapped up in horsepower and dyno figures but if it rides well and fuels correctly what's the fuss?

Then onwards to Scarborough.  I've mentioned before I've wanted to go to Scarborough for ages and I don't think it's sunk in yet that I'm actually going!  Admittedly it's a learning curve but I hope to find my way and have a laugh with the boys and hey if I don't qualify I'm going to gorge myself on fish and chips and go to the pub!

12 April 2008

There's been quite a lot going on at the moment. 

Went up to Mallory Friday and got one good session in before the rain and hail began to fall.  It wasn't as cold as you might think but the monsoon like weather conditions tried very hard to make Mallory feel like the tropics.  I've done enough riding in the rain all winter thank you very much going to work!

As I'm off to Scarborough for the first time next weekend it seems an opportune moment to let you know that I am very pleased I have two sponsors this year in Fairo's Chicken and  I would like to thank them both for their kind support - it is much appreciated.

I've got quite a bit going on behind the scenes at the moment and I would like to thank everyone who is helping me especially with product support.  All should be revealed in a couple of weeks.

It's a shame that Roger Hurst and Cathy Pullen have resigned from their respective marshalling positions on the TT circuit.  It appears they have found their positions untenable, which is fair enough but I do think it's a great loss not only for the organisers but for riders as well.


6 April 2008

Finally got out on the bike at Oulton on Friday for a test day.  Oulton is a great circuit and it was great to get out on the bike and blow the cobwebs away.

The test day was pretty much a affair as I still had my MGP gearing on so I wasn't changing gear much, but I think the first test of the year is about getting on the bike and enjoying yourself.

It was a good laugh meeting up with the PRF boys and have a laugh as we have a mutual friend in Greg Lewis so plenty of stick was being given! 

Huddy was racing on the Saturday please see Team Pants page for update.


28 March 2008

We were up at Silverstone today after being invited to a KTM day by Hyside Motorcycles of Collier Row. 

The weather was grim when we arrived and Terry Rymer had already binned an RC8 after only three laps.  Apparently the dealers heckled him when he got back to the garages and he went home!

Steve Plater was there in full day glow waterproofs.  Just before we left we saw Philip McCallen who doesn't look a day older than when he was riding at the TT.

We then did some retail therapy - bike bits of course!


24 March 2008

Friday and Saturday saw us at Brands with Huddy racing in the Derby Phoenix round of the Sound of Thunder.  (Please see Team Pants Page)

It was good to meet up with some old friends and have a laugh especially Bev and the gang.  Good luck with the championship Ecky.

Apparently we wont see another Easter this early for another 150 years.  We had snow yesterday although it didn't stick on the roads.  We went over to the Ace Café just off the A406 North Circular for a nose.  There weren't many bikes there but who could blame them, the weather being what it was!

17 March 2008

I am sooo glad I didn't do Mallory yesterday.  Wet cold windy all we were missing was a bit of sleet.  I'm a girl's blouse when it comes to being cold so I was happy acting as pit bitch, although Clyde took over the mantle or skirt when he arrived because he's a big girl too!  Only joking Clyde - thanks for your help. 

Update on the races on the Team Pants Page.

I hope everyone has a great Easter.  We will be at Brands with Derby Phoenix. I wont be riding but Huddy is in the Sound of Thunder class.  Im not fussed at the moment still too cold for me I'm out next month.

12 March 2008

Hi Reinhard, Hans-Peter and Werner

Es koennte sein, dass wir uns dieses Jahr in Frohburg treffen. Vielen Dank fuer Eure Unterstuetzung und Interesse.


4 March 2008

We were up at Mallory on Friday for the Thundersport GB test day.  See an update on the Team Pants Page.  On the way back we popped into Dynamic Precision to pick up some rearsets and a wheel and swinging arm Huddy had asked Gary Allinson Dynamic's owner to have a look at.  Dynamic make quality kit so please check out their website for more details I have put a photo of the rearsets on the photos page.


25 February 2008

I am very pleased to announce that the Southern 100 Club have confirmed that I am the Female Lap Record Holder, at the International Southern 100 on the Billown Circuit in the Isle of Man.  Stroll on this year, it would be great if  I can get into the exclusive 100mph a lap club, here's hoping!   However, I am sure there will be more close racing which makes it even more fun.


22 February 2008

I'm having two more helmets sprayed this year.  Thank you Phoenix for your help with my Arais.

I am very pleased that I have booked a slot with Piers Dowell to spray the new lids for me.  I have been asked about the design of my lids so have put a photo of the lid on the photos page.   It was never meant to appeal to the masses but I like it.  The three legs design is based loosely round the Norse three legs of man used prior to the Stanley three legs of man which most people recognise today.  I do have my name on the back of my lid but I've never liked the way it is currently sprayed.  Hate the colour, design and size - enough said.

Check out the Piers Dowell website and you'll see what I mean when I say he's really good.  I wanted my street fighter painted by him and never got round to it, so having lids done is the next best thing.


18 February 2008

We popped up to Bedford on Saturday to attend and an Isle of Man TT Marshals Incident Management Course.  Didn't really know what to expect to be honest but it was a really good day.  The presentations and programme were really professional and you didn't get just a few curled up sandwiches for lunch either!  I think most people who race have a fairly good idea what goes on behind the scenes but like anything unless you actually do it, you never really know. 

Because my lid fits it's not the easiest thing to get on and off.  However, you should try taking a helmet off someone who is lying on the floor, when you aren't allowed to move their head.  Jesus it's hard!  You can only do it with two people and because you can't move the head or neck you can't wriggle it off.  Someone should invent a huge bearing puller type device just for taking helmets off!

We were shown some interesting photos and videos.  It never ceases to amaze me what people will do.

To hold the TT and MGP 1500+ marshals are needed which includes 200+ flag marshals.  35 Doctors and 25 Paramedics are on duty.  100 scoop stretchers with headrests and 100 immediate care cases are distributed around the course. The stretchers and cases cost £100,000.  Then you have spares on helicopters etc

The helicopter statistics are impressive as well.  The average time taken to get to a scene of an incident from the first request from a marshal including the 1-2 minute helicopter warm up is 6 minutes.  The average time spent on the ground with the helicopters rotors running at the incident is 6 minutes.  The average time taken from the initial request to landing at the Nobles Hospital landing site is 18 minutes.  Not bad going is it really?

When you see the hard work being put into training and encouraging people to become what seems to be part of a huge team, it makes the previous MCN criticisms even more inappropriate and more like sensationalism to sell papers


10 February 2008

This time of year all racers start making plans and thinking about the year ahead.  I'm looking forward to this year and hope over the next few weeks to list my plans for 2008.  July/August will be a difficult time for me this year as I am in charge of a large project at work and whilst it began last year it will take a large amount of time up in the latter part of July.   This will mean I will miss the Irish rounds just before Dundrod which is a bummer but I plan to be still on the bike albeit not racing for a couple of weeks.


2 February 2008

The Bike Show at Excel only had one hall full of stands and whilst they were all really good I have to say £18 to get in was a bit steep for one hall.  It was good to have a look at the BMW road version of their endurance bike and the new KTM.  We bumped into Kenty briefly as he was busy helping on the Trollope's stand.

29 January 2008

We're off to the ExCel Centre in London to the MCN show on Saturday for a skeet at the new bikes.  I'm sure we'll end up sitting on a few and twiddling as you do!  We went last year and to be fair weren't there very long as it's obviously not as big as the NEC.  I'm going to pop in and see the nice people from Talon Engineering, Val Smith in particular and talk sprockets and stuff.  Honestly they do nice kit so if you're going to the show pop over and have a natter to them and compare prices etc you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Ive also been sent some question so I'll do "another 5 minutes" and try and answer them as best I can!

26 January 2008


Today we drove up to see John Trigger of JT Developments to pick up some parts.  John’s heading up the Embassy Triumph team this year, which was widely publicised in MCN this week.  He’s got a great workshop and dyno facility.   I’m pleased Youngy has got some backing after having to go it alone for the last few years, he’ll kick arse this year.


We then popped over to see one of my sponsors Gary Allinson of Dynamic Precision.  I use his rear sets and have done so for a few years.  First and foremost because they are a great bit of kit.


The announcement that Eddie Nelson, Phil Taubman and Peter Cain heading up the TT organisation means the event is in capable hands.  It’s a shame Neil Hanson has resigned though.


18 January 2006


We flew into Belfast International after dealing with the surly security guards at Stansted.  It was raining but hey it doesn’t matter when you’re on holiday does it! 


To say that we did our own version of the Irish rally pretty much sums up the weekend really because we bombed round everywhere.  We did laps of Mid Antrim, the NorthWest, Cookstown, Bush, Tandragee, Ulster, Killalane, Skerries and Kells.


I’m glad I took a few notes because by Sunday night they had all blurred into one huge fast circuit and I couldn’t remember which was which.  I remembered parts but didn’t have a clue what circuit they were from!


What did strike me was how genuinely interested people are in racing. What was also a novelty for me was smiling and saying hello to people and actually getting a smile and hello back.  But then I do work in London and if you smile and speak to people you don’t know, they think you are on a care in the community order.


We didn’t do any sight seeing at all but what I can say is it is a lovely place and reminded me of how the Isle of Man was before the influx of people.


Thanks Dennis and Tracey for spending the weekend with us, we had a great time.


This weekend has however opened up what I do this year.  Work commitments through the summer clash with some meetings but I sincerely hope I can get to some Irish Rounds with dribble on my newcomers bib!



January 11 2008

January is a dull month unless you're into skiing and winter sports.  But we're off to Ireland to look at the road circuits over there and meet up with friends.  It will be great having a look round.  We fly into Belfast  International on the 18th.  After that I should be able to give a preliminary guide as to what meetings I have planned other than those on the Isle of Man.

31 December 2007

We're all booked and off to Ireland next month to have a skeet at some of the road circuits over there.  We're only going for the weekend but it will be nice to catch up with the Irish lads we havent seen since the summer.

20 December 2007

I passed my final exams today so I'm quite chuffed with myself.  I've completed six since March this year, which has been hard at times.  All I have to do now is my dissertation, which I hope to have done before the season gets into full swing next year. 

5th November 2007

Friday 2nd November saw us drive down to Pembrey to support the Manx Team at the Celtic Match Races.  We didn’t have a bad team so had high hopes that we would do well.  It would also be a good opportunity to have a weekend away on the beer as we weren’t riding.

Saturday’s weather was glorious.  Bright sunshine and whilst it wasn’t what I call really warm everyone else was in T Shirts so it wasn’t cold.  Unfortunately we had a few offs in the racing which meant we weren’t romping away with it!  Luckily everyone was ok to fight another day but some of the bikes needed some TLC with Huddy helping Ducky get the Wilson & Collins ZX10 ready after his spill.  Whilst Dot and I gave moral support whilst having a medicinal beverage or two.

Sunday was quite a lot colder we had a few more offs and unfortunately Dan Kneen was taken to hospital.  Little H aka Gavin Hunt rode well all weekend and proved himself to be the true anchorman of the team.  He was undaunted by Pembrey pros like Phil Bevan.

Unfortunately the Manx team came last but I think everyone enjoyed themselves except for Dan who spent Sunday night in hospital before his transfer on Monday up to Nobles.

It was great to see friends from the Island but also Welsh friends like Tony Davis and Nigel “Speedy” John.    Whilst still being on crutches Speedy is looking much better than he did even at the Manx so we hope (all being well) to see him walking unaided next summer.

8 August 2007

The various IOM government departments met this afternoon and gave the go ahead for the MGP. 
IOMTODAY.CO.IM Quote "The dramatic news was delivered this afternoon at a press conference, convened shortly after the final decision was taken at a special meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The decision, taken in the wake of the foot-and-mouth outbreak in the UK, will please racing fans and those involved in the tourism industry alike.

But spectators won't be able to watch on much of the Mountain section of the course, which will be closed to the public, except for a few fenced off areas.

There will be disinfection stations for marshals around the course.

The news comes as protective measures in the UK are relaxed.

The last time the event was cancelled was in 2001, as was the TT, again because of a foot-and-mouth crisis."

7 August 2007

Apparently decisions will be made regarding the running of this year's MGP on Thursday 9 August.  Im sure many riders will be unaware of this as there has been no notification from the MMCC.  If it is cancelled it will be interesting to see how this news will be conveyed.  Fingers are crossed that we have good news.

3 August 2007

I heard today that the MGP maybe cancelled due to the foot and mouth outbreak in the UK.  Whilst I understand the IOM Government being cautious at this time I dont think it will stop the visitors to the Island.  I would be suprised if the Steam Packet are going to be happy giving refunds and so many people would then be committed to a holiday on the IOM without racing.  I like may other riders would be gutted if the racing doesnt go ahead.  The racing year focuses around this event and the financial commitment is huge.
I'll post updates as and when I have news.

17 July 2007
Home again after a great week.  Jurby was dry but typically windy.  Practise went well with a few tweaks to the suspension.  I did a 101mph in qualifying which I was happy enough with as it was the first time on this bike at Jurby.
I qualified in the 600 race alongside Carolynn Sells and Dennis Booth.  Bogged down on the start which we know the reason for but its still annoying.  I then ended up having a pretty lonely ride.
The second race which was effectively the open was a different kettle of fish! Bill Callister showed his nose on the second lap with me then waiting for him to try and have me at every corner!  I held him off til the last lap where I went defensive on the last corner and he got me to the line.  0.1 of a second in it so we were still laughing  when we got to the paddock.
A great weeks racing I got my laps times down by 5 seconds at both the Southern and the Jurby South and have been told Im approx 1 second off the womens fastest lap ever at the Southern.  Did 104 mph lap at the Jurby South so well happy.

13th July 2007
The racing on Wednesday night was superb.  The 400s were five a breast down the back into cross fourways.  Nicky Crowe broke the lap record in the sidecars with his Honda literally howling its way round the course.
My race formed up in the dry yesterday morning.  I was on the 7th row got a good start and we all piled into the first corner.  Lap by lap I picked off a rider or two and managed to get up to what turned out to be 13th.  The last two laps I had a great laugh with Carolyn Sells with us exchanging places. 
I was really pleased getting my times down to 2.38 especially after such a poor qualifying.  The new bike is great fun to ride.  Stroll on Jurby Road South on Saturday.

11 July 2007
Got out in practice on Monday in the second session.  I missed the first due to not having any wets.  I did a 2.49 which I was pleased enough with due to the conditions.
Last night it was dry and I got totally bogged down in traffic and only did a 50.  I was totally fed up last night, but hey its done now, so we'll just have to see where I qualified.
Lougher had a spill in the Solo Founders at Ballabeg but was ok.  There was a big off at Stadium.  I didnt have any confirmed news when I left last night.  The 250s didnt go ahead as at 9.10pm they had only just finished clearing the track and the roads were  due to open again at 9.30pm

9 July 2007
Back on the Isle of Man for the Sourthern 100 and then the Jurby South Road Race on Saturday.  Signed on last night with Huddy and caught up with a load of people which was good.
God only knows what the weather will be doing but hey nothing we can do about it.  Paddock is packed and there are full grids for every class.  Looking forward to a great weeks racing.
28 June 2007
Below are pictures courtesy of Tim Moolman Photography which were in the Manx Independent.  A luck escape for me and Barry Davidson, unfortunately others were not so lucky and were injured. 

16th June 2007
Crikey it's been all go this month and it's only the 16th!  We've had a desperate rush to run the bike in and get it ready for the Steam Packet Races especially as we left early to catch some of the Centenary TT.  We managed to catch the Junior, Senior and Parade Lap.  Whilst seeing the top boys through at the end of Cronk y Voddy was cool I did enjoy the Parade Lap.  It was nice to see some of my favourite riders and some special bikes.
The Steam Packet Races on the 9th June were bathed in sunshine.  In fact if you wanted to moan you could say it was a bit too hot to be running about in leathers.  Huddy and I were both racing so with the help of Clyde we got the bikes scrutineered and set off for practice. 
Oil at Castletown Corner saw me nearly lose it on the first lap so the first session was tentative to say the least.  First outing and wrecking it straight away was in the back of my mind the whole session. 
The second session went better though and I started to get going and enjoy myself, I qualified 15th - stroll on the race.
My first start on the new bike will stick in my mind as it was so shit!  Needless to say I will learn from that!  On the second lap the race was stopped as a rider hit me and  Barry Davidson then the riderless bike went into the crowd at Cross Four Ways. Not good.
We restarted and I had a pretty uneventful race and happily ended up going 4 seconds a lap quicker than last year at the Southern on my old bike.  Happy days!
Huddy was out in the 1000 race and ended up best newcomer.  Smiley faces all round and a great days racing.

The new bike went down to Visual Impact to be brought to life today.  Photos dont do the work justice or how the bike looks.  Thanks to everyone for their help and support.  Thank you Huddy for all the trials and tribulations getting me this far.  Stroll on running her in - I was meant to be at Rockingham today but its lashing down. 
We went over to the IOM on the 17th courtesy of a late and slow running SeaCat.  Sorted out our medicals for the MGP and popped into Road and Track for tyres and a catch up with the lads.      The weather at Jurby was good for a change as this time last year it was so cold I couldnt feel my hands.   I was pleased how the old girl went after having a tantrum about my gearing.  101 mph lap was cool after one practice session.  The race was good if not a bit lonely as I was out on my own for the later half.

Monday the 26th saw us pile down to Brands GP for a trackday with Hottrax.  It was good to catch up with everyone and saw Bodo's steel frame CBR which he's going to compete on at Derby Phoenix have it's first outing.  Its all red and shiney!  It was a good day, we had a laugh and blew the cobwebs away.  Kenny and Pete - good to see you.  Alan got out on his KTM after tweaks to his Akras to get past the noise testing.