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Will we have the weather this year............ NO!



9 September 2009

Loads to do before Scarborough need to get into gear again.

6 September 2009

On the boat home this morning.  Have been on antibiotics a week now and my body has decided enough is enough.  Good job I'm a good sailor!

5 September 2009

All day packing up and saying goodbye to people.  At least it stayed dry in the afternoon to get the awning down and the flooring packed away.  We managed to get out for some munch in the evening and catch up with our good friends. 

4 September 2009

Busy, busy, busy.  Two races today.  The steering damper had pulled itself out of the headstock but this was now fixed.

Id spent the last two weeks been told how big the target was on my back for the ultra lightweight.  I started 89th which felt like Onchan Park Stadium and finished 28th with a Silver Replica.  On reflection I was pleased.  I hadn't ridden the bike before practice week the first time being Saturday of practice week off down Bray Hill.  I'd done 5 or 6 laps on her, went out in the race on untested suspension as we'd changed it again and lapped at 101mph.  An achievement but not success.  Success was my friend Carolynn Sells winning.  I didn't see her for ages but was so chuffed for her, the team and her mum! 

I felt absolutely fine as I got on the R6 for the Senior.  There wasn't much time between the two races but I knew I was fit and looked forward to the race.  The changeable weather saw that change though.  Many riders pulled in and we had quite a few fallers.  I was glad to get home with the course wet in different places on each lap.

Huddy had an unfortunate race coming into the pits within seconds of me only to have problems fuelling.  The tap hadn't been turned on by the stand in team and he lost two minutes in the pits. 

First girl to complete two races in one day at the Manx.

2 September 2009

Junior Day.  I hadn't been on the bike for over a week.  She would have needed dusting off if we hadn't had so much rain! 

Race day was dry although as it had been so changeable so quickly we opted for inter tyres as did a few others.

As I headed off on the first lap she felt a little unsettled at Bray Hill then as we went past Ginger Hall all Hell broke lose with me fighting her all the way into Ramsey - the steering damper had broke. I thought she would plant me on the floor at Glen Duff. The mountain gave me a breather and I decided to give her another lap and speak to Huddy at the pit stop.  There were key places where she became a handful and my arms were tired by the end of the race.  Me and Popeye were on the spinach!  The approach to May Hill was awful as one bump after another unsettled the bike as was the exit of Barregarrow all the way down the road.  I can seriously say I wouldn't want to do that again and was shocked to find out Id done 106.

31 August 2009

A lot of time and effort would culminate in today's Post Classic Race.  I don't enjoy PR or the usual race bullshit - I'm allergic to it - but I felt Huddy had a very good chance of a podium in this race.  He left the line with the GS howling and we went back to our area in pit lane.  By the Bungalow he was lying in fourth 5 seconds behind the third placed man.  The race was three laps so he was pitting on the first lap.  In he came but refused petrol saying it was all over.  The engine had an oil leak and oil covered most of the rear end of the bike.  Gutted wasn't the half of it 5 months of hard work seemed pointless at that moment in time.  She's been one of the most photographed bikes in the paddock and a silly little pipe had let us down. An awful lot of expletives came to mind I can tell you.

29 August 2009

Got one lap in on the SV tonight.  Huddy got two good solid laps in on the GS.  The weather turned as we got back to the grandstand and that was that for the evening. 

27/28 August 2009

I remember typing last year that the weather had stopped play and here I am typing it again! 


22 through 26 August 2009

We managed to get out for laps on a Saturday for the first time in three years.  The weather has been with us until today really when it turned wet again.  We've clocked up a few laps on the R6 and SV.  It's the first time I've ridden the SV so she's needed a bit of tweaking suspension wise and it's taken a little getting used to.  Mainly the fact it's in the red all the time.  It doesn't seem right!

I've had toothache pretty much since we arrived on the Island and it's got continually worse so tomorrow I'm going to the dentist.

Huddy has enjoyed his new GSXR and got a few laps in on her.  The main focus for him has been the GS though.  She's had a few teething problems but he got a good lap in last night albeit in the wet.

The SV is 11th fastest in the grandstand speed trap and earlier in the week the GS was the fastest at Sulby.  Just the rest of the course to sort out now!