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Mannanin's Cloak Lifts


We arrived on the island a week later than in previous years.  As a result the first two days were spent catching up with people and setting up ready for the two weeks ahead. 

Luckily we got the awning set up before the weather changed and the rain began.  We hoped this wasn't going to be an omen for the next few weeks as previously the weather had put a damper on the event.

We got out for practice for the first time in a couple of years.  It was good to get out on the bike and do a reccy of the circuit.  Whilst essentially it doesn't change there are always slight surface changes.

Practice week went really well weather wise it was pretty much glorious sunshine for the whole week.  I built my speed up throughout the week on the R6.  However due to some issues with the tank on the SV I didn't get out as much as I had hoped to on this bike.

Race morning brought a lovely bright day and I sat on Glencrutchery Road looking forward to the start.  Unfortunately we had only gone a few miles before there was an awful accident near Greeba which took me a little by surprise.  There was another accident towards the end of the lap which meant that as I'd slowed for the yellow flags I was caught by other riders and we were quite bunched coming out of Governors.  Obviously this isn't an ideal situation racing around the TT circuit and as they had only caught me because of the flags I overtook most of them by Braddan and got my head down again to make a break from them. 

This was short lived as the race was red flagged on the second lap due to another accident and we were held up at the Bungalow.  After a short wait we were led off the mountain by the travelling marshals. 

When the results were declared later I discovered that I was to hold the fastest speed trap time at the Grandstand and was 42nd overall.  Pity the race was cut short but it was understandable after the awful incident and loss of life. 

Lovely weather again for Friday Senior Day.  However first was the Ultra lightweight and with it some trepidation as I hadn't had enough practice on the SV and we had wanted to do some specific testing,  The race got underway on time and we went with a nonstop strategy.  I was moving steadily up through the field and was going really well until the last lap when the fuel light came on.  I started to short shift in an attempt to get her home but the climb up the mountain was too much and she ran out of fuel at the Mountain Box.  I was gutted.  The marshals gave me a radio to listen to and I found out I was lying 15th when I ran out of fuel.

This of course gave me another problem as I had an entry in the Senior which starts not long after the Ultra lightweight finishes.  Luckily after a few telephone calls I got picked up the course inspection car and driven at speed down the mountain and dropped off at the paddock.  I had approximately ten minutes, so after a drink and change of leathers I walked up to the holding area to pick up the R6.

I can honestly say I have never enjoyed myself so much riding around the TT course.  Great weather and I knew by the way I was catching people I was riding okay.  I came into the pits for petrol and with Huddy riding himself I was helped by my cousin Skel and friends Ducky and Chris.  Thanks lads.   I was in and out like a flash for another two laps.

I managed to come home a credible 31st with a replica something I never thought I'd achieve in the big classes.

We went to the Villa Marina that evening to find out I had also been awarded the Lesley Ann Trophy for the best female performance, which I was both surprised and chuffed about.