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What is your best road racing moment to date !

28th in the Ultralightweight after starting 89th on a bike I have never ridden before (getting a replica) and getting a replica in the Senior MGP  

What is your worst moment to date !

Missing a replica by 1 second in the Junior in 2008 and running out of fuel in the Ultralightweight when lying in 15th having started 40th

Why Arai Lids?

They're very comfortable.  They aren't bulky and I find some lids are.  I like it when the air vents work and aren't on there just for show.

Where did you get your helmets design from?

I designed it myself, and drew up the artwork.  Piers Dowell paints them for me.

What do you enjoy about bike racing?

I like riding fast and not having to worry about the traffic.  Racing keeps me sane.  I've also meet some really good friends through racing.

What's your favourite short circuit?

I used to like Cadwell but Ive struggled there the last few times with the R1.  Snetterton remains a favourite because I've had some good results there.  Anglesey makes me laugh - anywhere you can scrape the side of your fairing because the grip is so good should make you laugh!

What's your favourite road circuit?

I enjoy the TT and the Southern but I really like the Jurby South Road

What aspirations do you have as far as road racing is concerned?

I never thought Id get this far so I'm really chuffed to be doing what I'm doing.  I'd just like to be as quick as possible.

Would you consider racing in Europe?

Ive been to Frohburg a few times and its great.  I was suprised how many people follow what Im up to in Germany.  Horice is on the cards depending on the Euro!

Have you tried any other motorsport?

Yeah but nothing too serious I've jumped in the chair with Michael Masheter.  I've had a go at twin engine go-karts and I've raced a JCB.  I also had a go at moto x and I'm really crap at it.

Do you have any mentors?

Mmmm I suppose so although I don't really think of them like that they're friends first and foremost.

Do you mind being in a male orientated sport?

No don't really think of it like that.

How do the blokes take it when you beat them?

Depends on the bloke.  Most of them you can have a laugh with afterwards.  If you can't, says more about them doesn't it?

Have you met any other lady racers?

Yep I've met most of them can only count a couple as friends though.

Is there a reason why you have no major sponsor?

Probably because I don't ask!  Seems a bit cheeky asking someone to pay for your hobby!  I get help which I appreciate.  Most if not all my money goes into racing. 

Who prepares your bikes?

Id love to be able to say I do it all myself but I don't.  Huddy does everything he does all the hard work behind the scenes.  I can change my own wheels but in my own time!  I can do some things but I'm a bit slow and can never find the right tool straight away! 

How long have you been racing?

Since 2002

How long have you been riding bikes?

I got my first bike at 16.  My first ever go on a bike was at the back of the grandstand on the TT course.

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